Sample Apps

iFrame Payment Form

Embed a Spreedly-delivered form into your payment page to collect payment data and store it securely with Spreedly. Your app never touches sensitive data.

Spreedly Express

Prompt for the user’s payment data with a Spreedly-designed overlay. Ideal for charging one-time customers, but can be adapted to save customer payment details for returning customers.

Spreedly API

Integrate your app directly with Spreedly’s API, maintaining complete control of the user experience. This app demonstrates making one-time purchases through Spreedly. Using Spreedly’s API will increase your PCI scope compared with Spreedly Express and iFrame.

Spreedly 3DS2 Global

Spreedly 3DS2 Global solution allows for a single integration that works across many of the gateways that we support. Instead of performing 3DS2 authentications through a gateway, our solution integrates directly with a 3DS Server so that the results can be taken to any gateway that accepts third-party 3DS2 authentication fields.

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Easy Merchant Onboarding

Give merchants on your platform easy access to integrate with the payment gateway of their choice. Prompt for the merchant’s gateway and dynamically request that gateway’s unique requirements.