Test Data

Spreedly provides a set of test data you can use against the test gateway to test your initial integration. This test data is only recognized as such by the test gateway. I.e., using this data with a production gateway will cause these values to be passed through just like any other payment information.

Credit cards

Card Type Good Card Declined/Failed Card
Visa 4111111111111111 4012888888881881
Visa (19-digit) 4444333322221111455 4917610000000000003
MasterCard 5555555555554444 5105105105105100
MasterCard (2-series bin) 2223003122003222 2720992720992729
American Express 378282246310005 371449635398431
Discover 6011111111111117 6011000990139424
Diners Club 30569309025904 30207712915383
JCB 3569990010030400 3528327757705979
Dankort 5019717010103742 5019994000124034
Maestro 6759000000000000005 6799990100000000019
Carnet 5062280000000002 6393889871239875
Elo 5067310000000010 5067312520593847
Alelo 5067705232092752 5067705613381311
Cabal 6035227716427021 5896570834189662
Naranja 5895627823453005 5895627823453064
Confiable 5607180000000000 5607180000000001
Verve 5060990580000217499 5612330000000000412
3D Secure 1 or 2 Enrolled 4556761029983886 4024007101934890
Third Party Vault Any 4217651111111119

Click to Pay

The following cards numbers are compatible with Mastercard Click to Pay and will return a successful response from the Spreedly Test Gateway.

Card Type Card Number
Mastercard 5186001700008785
Mastercard 5120350100064537
Visa 4622943127011022
American Express 373708623186001
Discover 6011208800050000

Apple Pay

When using Apple Pay, there is no way to request a test payment method from the Passkit framework. Instead, pass in the test_card_number parameter set to one of the above test credit card numbers and Spreedly will recognize it as a test payment method.


On the test gateway, both the capture operation and the credit operation always succeed unless you use an amount of 44 cents. The test gateway knows that amount and returns a failure in that case to allow you to test your handling of capture and credit failures.

Offsite gateway testing

Purchases made against the test gateway with an offsite payment can be made to fail by using an amount of 44 cents. Note that attempting a 3D Secure transaction when performing an offsite transaction is not supported. Please be sure to specify false for attempt_3dsecure, otherwise the transaction will fail.

Bank accounts

Test Routing Number: 021000021

All other routing numbers will be considered non-test payment methods

Good Test Account Number: 9876543210

This only works with the test routing number above; all other account numbers will generate a failure when used with the test routing number.