Account Updater

Spreedly’s Account Updater allows you to always keep your customers’ card details up-to-date. When your customers’ credit card numbers expire or are updated, Account Updater protects you from the lost revenue, involuntary churn and decreased customer satisfaction associated with outdated payment information. No additional development is required on your side since cards are updated behind the scenes.

How Account Updater Works

Once you opt-in, Spreedly will submit all retained, non-test, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards in your Spreedly vault for updating twice monthly, on the 1st and 15th of every month. Only Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards in the USA, Canada and parts of the UK are eligible for updating at this time. This restriction is subject to the discretion of the card networks. If other countries become eligible, we’ll annouce it to our customers.

Opting-in to Account Updater happens at the organization level - all environments will be affected. By turning on the Account Updater feature, you confirm that all of your cards will be sent to the card brands for updates twice monthly, but you will only be charged for those cards that are actually updated.

Notifications and Tracking

We will send two e-mail notifications when your cards are updated. Notifications will be sent to all active users associated with the organization. The first email is notice that the card update process has started. Example:

The second email is notice that card updates have completed and contains aggregate information about the updates that were performed. Example:

To track which of your payment methods were affected by Account Updater, use the list transactions API and search for the following successful transaction types:

  1. ReplacePaymentMethod - The number and/or expiration date has been updated. (Note: You will find the new month and year in the JSON response here).
  2. InvalidReplacePaymentMethod - We received either a new card number or expiration date that was invalid. The payment method was not updated, but a fee is still created since Spreedly still incurs a cost in this scenario.
  3. ContactCardHolder - Contact the cardholder for a new number and/or expiration date.
  4. ClosePaymentMethod - The account is no longer open and should no longer be used. The payment method will remain available, but Spreedly’s Account Updater will no longer attempt to update it.

Please visit the Help Center for a detailed walkthrough on pricing, opting-in, and opting-out.