Advanced Vault

Advanced Vault is the evolution of our vault and lifecycle services to a managed vault that combines core vaulting, lifecycle functionality, and data enrichment of payment methods with rules and best practices.

Under Advanced Vault, Spreedly will offer and continue to invest in best in practice technologies which will be extended to our customers under a single product. Services include:

  • Lifecycle management solutions for vaulted payment methods that include coverage for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover brands. Real time Mastercard updates will be enabled for same-day notifications (push) when updates occur with the network.
  • Network Tokenization for all eligible credentials to improve security and authorization rates.
  • Configurable settings for Spreedly, and in future states by the customer, to adjust the rules and configurations in tailoring their vault with minimal effort.
  • Fluid enrollment of credentials on/off Account Updater lists. Stale credentials that were regularly costing customers an “event” fee without an actual update will be actively identified and unenrolled from Account Updater lists.
  • Data Enrichment - Enriching Payment Methods with BIN Metadata and Payment Account Reference (future) for advanced decision making, fraud prevention and customer loyalty tracking.

Enrolling your organizations and environments

Organization and environments will be enabled and managed via UI in the your Spreedly account. Individual payment methods have a managed property that may be updated via a request to update_gratis. API calls to update these values are non-billable. The request must only contain updates for the permitted field (managed). Values should be true or false.


  "payment_method": {
    "managed": true


  "payment_method": {
    "token": "1rpKvP8zOUhj4Y9EDrIoIYQzzD5",
    "created_at": "2017-06-26T17:04:38Z",
    "updated_at": "2023-07-14T18:05:20Z",
    "email": "",
    "data": {
      "my_payment_method_identifier": "448",
      "extra_stuff": {
        "some_other_things": "Can be anything really"
    "storage_state": "retained",
    "test": true,
    "metadata": {
      "key": "string value"
    "callback_url": null,
    "last_four_digits": "1111",
    "first_six_digits": "411111",
    "card_type": "visa",
    "first_name": "Newfirst",
    "last_name": "Newlast",
    "month": 3,
    "year": 2032,
    "address1": null,
    "address2": null,
    "city": null,
    "state": null,
    "zip": null,
    "country": null,
    "phone_number": null,
    "company": null,
    "full_name": "Newfirst Newlast",
    "eligible_for_card_updater": true,
    "shipping_address1": null,
    "shipping_address2": null,
    "shipping_city": null,
    "shipping_state": null,
    "shipping_zip": null,
    "shipping_country": null,
    "shipping_phone_number": null,
    "issuer_identification_number": "41111111",
    "click_to_pay": false,
    "managed": true,
    "payment_method_type": "credit_card",
    "bin_metadata": {
      "card_brand": "DISCOVER",
      "card_category": "PERSONAL",
      "card_type": "CREDIT",
      "issuing_bank": "DISCOVER BANK",
      "issuing_country_iso_number": "840",
      "issuing_country_iso_a2_code": "US",
      "issuing_country_iso_a3_code": "USA",
      "issuing_country_iso_name": "UNITED STATES",
      "issuing_bank_phone_number": "1 (800) 347-7000",
      "issuing_bank_website": "HTTPS://WWW.DISCOVER.COM/",
      "bin_type": "PERSONAL",
      "regulated": "Y",
      "max_pan_length": 19,
      "message": "Successful"
    "errors": [

    "stored_credential_usage": {
      "test": {
        "original_network_transaction_id": "37be5367d6dbe4a88c9d",
        "network_transaction_id": "37be5367d6dbe4a88c9d"
    "fingerprint": "e3cef43464fc832f6e04f187df25af497994",
    "verification_value": "",
    "number": "XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-1111"

Contact Card Holder Responses

Since a negligible number of cards in this state are ever successfully updated, any time a payment method that is enrolled in active management receives two consecutive “Contact Cardholder” responses from the Account Updater service, it will automatically be excluded from future updates. If desired, the card may be reenrolled by setting its eligible_for_card_updater flag back to true.