Merchant of a Platform Migration Guide

If you’re a merchant who is migrating payment data into Spreedly’s vault through a payment platform or marketplace, this short guide is for you. We’ve prepared a few questions you should ask your new platform before embarking on a migration. If you’re through the questions and ready to migrate check out our one-time import guide for step by step instructions, including a template to send to the gateway where your current payment methods reside, and encryption details.

Please note, because of the legal agreements we have with our platform customers we cannot provide direct support to your merchant account. Instead, your payment platform should be prepared to manage the conversation with Spreedly throughout the entire migration process.

Common Merchant Questions

I’ve sent Spreedly my exported data file and they said it could take two weeks for the migration to complete. My previous gateway has closed my account. How do I keep receiving orders in the meantime?

a. We highly recommend your new platform gateway is set up for any new incoming orders, and you direct customer traffic there before requesting an export. This should prevent any customer payment methods (e.g., credit cards) from being missed in the migration.

b. If your new platform can’t start receiving orders before the migration finishes, ask your previous gateway if they can offer an extension so you can continue taking orders.

Be aware - If you find yourself facing scenario “b”, this most likely means you will have to request a second export once your new platform is ready. Spreedly performs one complimentary import per customer per gateway/source. Any additional imports will be assessed a fee. This cost may be passed on to you. Talk to your new platform about their migration costs.

Can I get my migration done earlier than two weeks?

We ask for approximately two weeks to complete a migration. Factor in at least 14 days to your migration plans.

How do I recover subscription information?

Information about customer subscriptions (amount, dates, etc.) should be obtained directly from the exporting entity. Spreedly will not extract this data from an encrypted data file.

I was just notified the migration is complete, what do I do now?

Your new platform knows what to do. We’ll send them a summary of the import, including credit card mapping files, and they’ll take it from there.

If you have additional questions have your platform reach out to Spreedly support.